Nick Duquett has kindly supplied the following information for using the Apple sponsored Xquartz program as an X-Windows client, in the absence of any such instructions on the Xquartz websites.

Here are step-by-step instructions if you'd like to post them:

  1. Navigate to Applications -> Utilities and open If X11 is not installed, it should be available on the Mac OS X install disc, or can be downloaded from the developer site.
  2. will open a terminal window with a command line prompt. From the command line, connect to the server of your choice with the ssh command. For example, ssh -YC will log username onto server nber2. You will be prompted to enter your NBER password, and asked to trust the server if it is your first connection.

  3. From a Stata server (nber2-9), the commands "xstata" or "xstatamp" will open Stata with a GUI. The command "stata" or "statamp" opens Stata with a command-line interface. Note that xstata may run the same jobs at a much lower speed than CLI Stata over a slow connection.

  4. When you are finished and have closed Stata, the "exit" command will disconnect from the NBER server.