Please wait while 1.1 mB client loads then login with your userid and password. when prompted with "ssh.nber.org login:". The "connected" message means the client is loading and is not ready yet.

Your Client Does Not Support Java. Try one of the solutions below:

This server connects directly to nber4.nber.org. Close this window when you disconnect or a subsequent user may be able to take over your session.

This client is usable from any browser that supports java 1.1 i.e. Netscape 4.5 or 4.06 and greater or Internet Explorer 4.0 and greater. Your session (including password) will be encrypted to reduce the possibility of intruders discovering your password. Except for this difference, you can use this client like any other telnet client. The home page of the people who made this Java ssh terminal is http://www.mindbright.se/mindterm/